Tired of painkillers and hormones for your period pain?

With our personalized therapy program of complementary and classical medicine, you can actively prevent your discomfort.

Healthy, sustainable and without medication.

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"I black out in the summer due to my chest and abdominal pain. I cannot move at all."
Dunja, 31
"I wake up from back pain. It's like my back is breaking in two."
Linh, 19
What symptoms do you have?
"It took me this long to realize that my extreme headaches were cycle-related."
Britta, 37

Sounds familiar?

How much does your PMS bother you?
"I'm not myself anymore because of my mood swings, and my gynecologist keeps telling me that's just the way it is. Seriously?"
Sarah, 25

Wissenschaftlich belegte Methoden


20-30% Wirksamkeit konnte bei Yoga und der Reduktion von Schmerzen während der Menstruation durch die Western Sydney University nachgewiesen werden. Bewegungen und Stretch-Übungen aus dem Yoga trainieren zum einen die Muskulatur, zum anderen werden Verkrampfungen und Schmerzhormone im Gewebe besser abgebaut.

Warum Unternehmen cyclio wählen

"Ich bin nicht mehr ich selbst bei meinen Stimmungsschwankungen. Und es gibt keine Lösung dagegen."

Sarah, 25

"Mir wird im Sommer schwarz vor Augen bei meinen Brust- und Unterleibsschmerzen. Ich bin dann komplett bewegungsunfähig."

Gülsah, 31

"Es hat so lange gedauert, bis ich erkannt habe, dass meine lähmenden Kopfschmerzen zyklusbedingt sind."

Britta, 38

"Ich wache von meinen Rückenschmerzen auf. Es fühlt sich an, als würde mein Rücken entzweibrechen."

Linh, 19

30% pain reduction through acupressure

20-30% pain reduction through yoga

Various studies have proved the effectiveness of yoga in reducing menstrual pain. Yoga not only trains the muscle with movements and stretches, but also reduces cramps and pain hormones in the tissues.

cyclio is your game-changer:

Reduce side-effects

Rooted in naturopathy and complementary medicine, our multi-modal therapy program focuses on minimizing side effects, offering a gentler alternative to pills or painkillers.

Improved cycle awareness and well-being

With our knowledge bites and reminders, cyclio will help you learn more about your cycle and how to actively increase your well-being.

Recognizing critical symptoms early

cyclio gets to know you and your cycle better and better over time, giving you timely indications to detect possible cycle-related diseases.

The team behind cyclio:

Chunchun Qiu

Co-founder & CEO
Yoga instructor

"Preventing period pain and not having to endure it – that is what I believe in. I have been treating my pain with acupuncture since puberty and supporting my body preventively with targeted yoga exercises."

Thanh Schrader-Nguyen
Co-founder & CPTO

"I got severe abdominal pain when I was 14 and then got the pill. No one questioned that. Not our generation! I want to create a healthy and sustainable alternative that makes the cycle a positive experience."

Birgit Neft de Rivera
Gynecologist specializing in obstetrics, naturopathy & acupuncture

"I care deeply about becoming educating others about women's health. With my practice experience, which has included acupuncture for over 20 years, we can develop an effective and far-reaching solution."